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Advanced technologies for ophthalmic applications

The information here contained are exclusively referred to healthcare professionals. 


Phronema offers a wide range of medical devices used in the ophthalmic field.

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Science and Innovation was developed to provide an excellence ophthalmic device.

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Medical Device For Diagnostic and Surgery Ophthalmology

We are a provider of medical products for ophthalmic applications. Phronema S.r.l. is  manufacturer of diagnostic medical device, regional distributor for Alfa Instruments S.r.l. & Alfa intes S.r.l. and national distributor for EYEOL UK.


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Regional distributor for Alfa Instruments and Alfa Intes products
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Navilas laser system

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For cataract, glaucoma, cornealand retinal  diseases

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Regional distributor for Alfa Instruments & Alfa Intes products

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Regional distributor for Alfa Instruments & Alfa Intes products

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National distributor for IPCL EYEOL UK

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Lumaxis® is an innovative device based on polarimetric interferometry technique which allows the surgeons to detect principal stromal collagen fibrils orientation. Lumaxis® can be a very usefull during corneal transplantation with tremendous impact on lamellar transplants where the fibrils orientation of the donor can me matched with patient one.

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Lumaxis & Concepts

LUMAXIS polarimetric interferometer

Polarized light is a useful tool in the study of the optical properties of the cornea, as it is able to provide macrostructural
details of this tissue.

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The Phronema company is present at all major ophathalmic congresses to esnsure communication with the customers.

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Latest Publications

In-vivo evaluation of corneal collagen fibrils pattern to detect keratoconus

This work is partially supported by a PDRA Development Award from University of Liverpool Department of Eye and Vision Science. Bryan M. Williams, Davide Borroni, Brendan Gherathy, Eugenio Lipari, Alessandra[…]

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Polarimetric interferometry to objectively evaluate the optical properties of corneal stroma

Journal for Modeling in Ophthalmology 2018. Eugenio Lipari, Alessandra Sborgia, Mario Nubile, Leonardo Mastropasqua, Giovanni Alessio

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About Phronema

Advanced technologies for ophthalmic applications

Phronema S.r.l was founded in 2011 as company developing advanced technologies for ophthalmic applications. Over the past years, Phronema company have developed and patended a new system,Lumaxis®, based upon Polarimetric Interferometry to detect principle corneal lamellae orientation and resultant optical characterizations.  Phronema is applying and maintaining its Quality Management System according to the standard EN ISO 13485 and council directive 93/42/EEC. The company applies to high quality standards in development, production and service.

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